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    Airfoil Cabinet Centrifugal Fan
    Low Noise cabinet type centrifugal fan is a novel fan which has been researched into and developed by our facotry on the basis of introducing,digesting absorbing the advanced domestic and oversears technology.It has dual purposes of fire-fighting,ventilation & air-exch-ange.It has features such as high efficiency,low noise,easy installation,smooth running,large flow,heatresis-tance ect.It is an updating product for the fire-fighting.And exhaust fans in the highrise buidings.It is of compact structure,pleasing appreance.The box adopts the profile framework,box plate assemblage design.The box plate adopts the superior cold-rolled steel plate for bending.It is of double-layer compound structure.The fire-proof insulation materirals have been filled in the internal part to avoiddew circumstances in the highly humid environments.As a result,it can more effectively decrease noise and reduce vibration.
    China Centrifugal Fans With Forward Curved Blades factory