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    Through Hardening SKD Screw for Injection Molding Machines
    Product Parameter
    Through Hardening SKD Scre
    MaterialHigh Quality38CrMoALA+SKD
    Nitrided HardnessHV850 – 1000
    Nitride case depth: 0.45 – 0.7mm0.05 – 0.10mm
    Nitride brittlenessless than grade 2
    Shot Weight30-80000g
    Product Details
    Through Hardening SKD Screw
    Through Hardening SKD Screw through the overall quenching secondary tempering process, is particularly suitable for high wear product processing requirements, to ensure wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant products need.
    Production Process
    Application Area
    Applications in Plastic Products
    Applications in Plastic Machinery

    After special treatment, it has higher hardness as a whole, its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance are better than bimetallic screw. Specifications Hardness: HRC62°-68° Surface Roughness: Ra0.4 Straightness: 0.015mm/m Machining Range: Ф18mm-Ф90mm Effective Length: 4000mm Scope: PC, PA and other fibers plus 40%, Bakelite, Iron Powder, ceramic powder, emery and high temperature, high pressure electric injection molding machine

    Stock Room
    Package and Delivery
    Q:: What are the main base materials do you use?
    A: 38CrMoAlA, 40Cr, 42CrMo, SKD61, TGS2, TGS3, etc.
    Q: What’s your strength?
    A: Well-experienced in designing and producing. Good reputation in our customers
    Q: How about you after sales service?
    A: 24-hours Online Service by email or online-chat tools

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