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    Wenzhou Maoju Import & Export Co., Ltd, founded in 2019, located in Liushi Twon, Wenzhou. We are a manufacturer with core competency in the field of cable accessories in China. We devote ourselves to the improvement and meanwhile reducing cost.We remain competitive in the global manufacturing market with increasing international market share.
    Our factory is located in Liushi town,Yueqing city, we are leading enterprises of cable accessories products in China. We have handled with cable accessories business since 2005,our company depends upon the technical innovation unceasingly to promote the products, and also consistently emphasizes the product quality and the business prestige.
    We Provide solutions for cable accessories management in the field of industrial electrical accessories. Our products categories include: cable gland, cable ties, cable lug, insulated terminals, industrial plug and socket connector…etc. To meet the needs of users worldwide, our company complies with ISo9001 International Quality Management Standard, with more products certified by UL, CE, Rohs…etc.
    Pre-sales Service Commitment
    1.Free to provide users with technical advisory services.
    2.To provide customers with product samples, corporate profiles, credit certificates and other information.
    3.Invite customers to visit our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing facilities and quality management system.
    4.Invite users to visit the units of our products on the spot and listen to the opinions of the users.
    5.Our company can assign experienced technicians to design and select models for free according to the site conditions and technical parameters provided by users.
    Sales Service Commitment
    During the manufacturing process of the products, we invite relevant technical personnel of the users to inspect the inspection of each procedure in the manufacturing process, and provide the inspection standards and inspection results of the products to relevant technical personnel of the users.
    After-sales Service Commitment
    1.After the delivery of our products, we will send someone to check and deliver the goods.
    2.Free on-site debugging service for the products sold.
    3.Free installation service for products sold
    4.Our company is equipped with a technical staff – oriented high – quality after-sales service team.After receiving the service information or feedback from the user, make the answer and deal with the problem to the user’s satisfaction within the shortest time.
    5.Our company introduced three packs of after-sales service(Due to the quality problems of our company, we guarantee return, exchange.)
    6.Our company regularly visits users to understand the use of products and help solve various problems that may be encountered in the process of use.Simultaneously solicits the quality and the technical improvement opinion, in order to better serve the userChina Plastic Cable Gland