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    Foshan Sandwell Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional engaged in sanding equipment manufacturing enterprises, has a strong R & D team, strong processing strength, strict means of testing and reliable quality assurance.
    Since the establishment of the company, has always been to strengthen independent innovation, and actively respond to market changes, and vigorously build “SANDWELL” brand, and in the industry formed a certain influence.
    The company developed sanding machine, heavy duty flat shaped sanding machine, shaped sanding machine, shaped edge flat sander, wood sanding machine, profile linear sanding machine,straight sanding machine, straight line edge imitation sanding machine, straight milling sanding machine, small sanding machine, universal sanding machine, wood grinding machine, etc woodworking machinery products have been Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries of the dealers praise and trust in the domestic and foreign markets have been widely praised. Each of the company’s products, all contain outstanding design and quality service.
    We continue to improve the technical level, with high-quality products, improve its services, and constantly realize the development of new enterprises and new breakthroughs.
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