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    Dear partners,
    Guangzhou HengDa Import & Export Co Ltd.was found in 2009 , specializing in manufacturing and exporting mobile phone case. When initially, we were only a trading company, and then we gradually start to make a great investment in our production and processing lines as follows:
    *Design and open new moulds (basically on TPU and PC)
    *Injection molding machine
    *Oil injection processing
    *UV vacuum electroplating
    *Colored drawing or printing patterns and embossing
    *Leather case processing line.
    In 2018, our own brand “UNIPARTNER” comes into being ,and we are dedicated to
    * Design unique style products
    *High quality standard
    *Focus on experience and satisfaction of users
    *Global marketing and promotional strategy
    * Policy of unique partner supporting
    * Mutually beneficial cooperation
    Thanks to our years of production experience and technology updating,we have great faith on our products and brand, which can definitely meet your satisfaction on unique style with high quality at a competitive price.
    Look forward to cooperating with you.
    Best regards,
    HengDa team

    China Phone Case Mirror