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    Product introduction: the working principle of the damper is that it has a certain damping force when it is pressed down or stretched up by the interaction of piston and damping fluid. The pictured product applied for the air-jet spinning machine.
    Service Description
    1, Manufacturers supply genuine
    Our products are factory direct sales to customers, to ensure the original authentic.
    2, About after sales
    The factory is equipped with professional testing equipment, and each damper has three inspection procedures.
    3, On the delivery
    Guaranteed delivery on time.

    Customer questions
    1. 24-hour Online service
    Please feel free to contact us. Our sales team will provide you with 24 hours better pre-sale,
    2. Competitive price
    All of our products are supplied directly from factory. So the price is very competitive.
    3. OEM/ODM
    With 17 years experiences in this field, we can provide customers with professional suggestion.China Damper For Textile Machine