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    PVC drift eliminator for cooling tower Introduction
    PVC drift eliminator modules improve air flow into the cooling tower, keep out debris, eliminate water splash-out (which can cause icing, near-site water damage, and costly water and water treatment chemical loss), restrict the amount of sunlight into the cooling tower (to impede algae growth), reduce noise from the tower, and improve the tower’s appearance.
    Air intake louvers are constructed of UV-stabilized PVC. This compound has outstanding resistance to weather exposure and is nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkalis, acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attacks. It also has an excellent fire rating due to its self-extinguishing characteristics and meets or exceeds Cooling Technology Institute Standard. Can meet the water high temperature requirement.
    Drift Eliminator characters:
    1. Maximum operational safety;
    2. Legal compliance;
    3. Original thermal performance of your BAC cooling equipment;
    4. Easy cleaning;
    5. Dry surrounding by minimum drift emission.
    PVC drift eliminator Application
    PVC drift eliminator are used in a wide variety of new and retrofit applications, including air inlets for both package and field-erected counterflow and straight-sided crossflow towers, fresh air make-up systems, air pollution control scrubbers, and VOC strippers.
    PVC Drift Eliminator blade type benefits:
    1. Maximum drift capture through efficient design
    2. Light weight
    3. Easy to handle, lift and remove for inspection and service of water distribution system and heat transfer surface (fill and coil)
    4. Nested modules to guarantee watertight seam
    5. Corrosion free
    6. Perfect fit: model specific size kitsDrift Eliminator manufacturers